The Guardian nous recommande!

The Guardian nous recommande!

Magasine mondialement connu, The Guardian s’est intéressé au vignoble de Cognac et nous recommande comme faisant partie des 10 meilleurs distillateurs.


Article paru le 31/01/2019 – John Brunton

10 of the best cognac distillers, tours and tastings, France


Painturaud Frères

Cognac cannot exist without the 4,000-odd viticulteurs who tend, harvest and ferment acidic ugni blanc grapes into wine that distillers and maisons de négoces distil and age. But more than 1,000 of the winemakers are also bouilleurs de cru – distillers themselves – who sell to the big maisons but also keep a part to create their own single-vineyard cognacs. This 40-hectare (98.8 acres) domaine is run by brothers Jean-Philippe and Emmanuel, who describe to visitors how, in 1934, their grandfather first started making his own cognac to differentiate themselves from Rémy Martin, who then – and today – buy most of their produce. The vines run right outside the house, and the 90-minute tour passes through the distillery where they use two copper pot stills traditionally mounted on red-brick gas-fired stoves, and then a tiny cellar and tasting room jam-packed with barrels. (…)

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